They grow up so quickly!

Part of the joy of preparing for the new baby, is decorating the nursery. The new parents choose the décor. Bunnies or teddy bears, blue walls or blue & yellow stripes, the nursery is yours.

Slowly our little bundle of joy develops a personality and a dangerous pitching arm. Down come the porcelain plate from great-grandma along with all the hope-to-be heirlooms, sentenced to the cedar chest for safekeeping.

You can be a great influence in these early years. Encourage them to read with illustrations from their favorite storybooks. Hang posters of classic adventure stories.

There comes a time when the kids will want to practice making up their own minds, and that includes decorating. Don’t despair, floor to ceiling  Yu-Gi-Oh! will make way for Nascar posters, and wall-to-wall Disney princesses may mature into Degas ballerinas.

Sports themes will always be popular. Try hanging a baseball bat or tennis racket on the wall. Hang your daughter’s pom-poms for fun.

Ask us to cut a pictureblock mat (your child’s name cut out in a mat) and showcase a few special photos. Frame a collage of photos of your young man and his cohorts, or your not-so-little girl’s thirteenth birth-day party.

Now, if only the kids kept their rooms neat and clean. I wish you all a vivid imagination.