The season of art festivals will hopefull spring to life again as COVID infection numbers drop.

You may have collected one or more of the art festival posters. If you buy your art unframed, you could pin it to a wall, throw the tube in the closet to join the previous years’ acquisitions, or frame it.

Art festival posters are not typically small and can be costly to frame. A simple generic metal frame is a nice, clean, neat look that will get your artwork up on the wall with the least expense.

Dry mounting is often recommended. Festival posters are often rolled up and may be printed on thinner paper. Permanently mounting the poster will keep the poster from buckling under the glass.

An upgrade you might consider is UV-filtered glass. Depending on where you hang it, our Florida sun could fade the beautiful colors that drew you to the poster.

 Matting gives you so many options. You can cover all or none of the border, or any portion you wish. To some, only the image is important. If the event itself is significant, you’ll want to show the title. Mat with color to accentuate, or neutral to subdue. Choose colors to blend or bring out contrasts.

 If you haven’t been to a custom frame shop lately, you won’t believe the variety of frames to choose from. The prices vary tremendously also.Always frame to the picture. You’ll find that there are many different ways to frame the same picture beautifully. Your personal preferences, where the art will hang, décor, lighting, space limitations, your pocketbook, will all whittle down your choices from a frightening mound of samples to the perfect finished product. A piece of artwork you’ll be proud to hang in your home.