I attended a birthday party on the 4th of July. Imagine six decades of red, white and blue birthday gifts. Sometimes you have to fit certain colors into your palette.  

You don’t need red, white and blue in every piece in the room. Embossed paper art or a sculpture in white would look great against almost any color wall. Dust off and hang the painting you created during your blue period. Quilts make beautiful wall hangings.

Seascapes are a perfect choice for our color scheme. You may even find one with a red sailboat. And don’t be afraid of landscapes. If the sky is blue and the wagon is red, that’s close enough. Enjoy your art. Don’t worry about a stray tree.

An arrangement of blue or white or red botanicals may be just the finishing touch for a wall.

Do you have some 4th of July picnic photos that you could spot-light? A print of the American flag brings a patriotic touch. The Canadian flag will fit our color palette also.

Small changes make an enormous difference. Accent a blue room with silver & gold this winter and yellows & greens next spring. Give a red room a fresh look with blue accents this summer and rich golds for autumn. Add deep greens during the winter holiday season.

I hope you enjoyed the colorful fireworks this Independence Day. Let the experience spark your imagination.