Room for Dad

We have allowed my father to have a room of his own. His office has all the important furnishings: a desk, computer, swivel chair, and file drawers. My mother and I have covered most of his available wall space with family photos that my father took during the 1940’s-60’s.

Does your dad like sports? You can frame jerseys, photos of sports figures, or medals. Is he interested in fishing or boating? Frame a fish-ing lure with a picture of his first “Grand Slam.” Get an aerial photo of his boat. Hang a nautical chart.

We frame many articles from professional magazines. Has your dad or his business been mentioned in a newspaper or magazine? Frame an antique stock certificate. Does dad have a diploma that should be hanging on his wall?

 Dad would be proud to show off the kid’s artwork. Get their little handprints. They won’t be little for long. I’ll bet he’d love a portrait of his kids or grandkids. Don’t forget the family dog. Does he like wild-life or is it wild enough at home? 

Some men will appreciate some-thing technical rather than beautiful or sentimental. My brother printed fractal images generated from the Mandelbrot set. They’re so cool (the colors are beautiful, too).

Does he love cars? Get him a poster of that unattainable dream car, or find a snapshot of his first set of wheels. Hang a map high-lighting an important road trip. Is he interested in trains, planes, or tractors? I’ve got all these ideas and no more walls. 

Dad deserves to have a spot of his own. He’s lucky to have us to decorate it for him.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!